If you have questions or concerns, please call CPN Tribal Police at 405-878-4818. If you select a spot that occurs during a festival or event, you may be forwarded to another department.

Primitive camping is offered without reservations. Availability is first come, first serve.


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* If you receive a restroom card, please remember to return the card to CPN Tribal Police when you leave to receive your deposit back

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No reservations made yet.

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Please note that a $25 deposit will be charged for a restroom access card. This will be refunded when you check out.

Please note that the restrooms are locked and will be unavailable if you do not request access.

* Must provided ID's for all adults before arriving.

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By initialing the boxes below, you agree to have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions:

IdentificationEnter Initials

I hereby acknowledge that I am 21 years old or over and have uploaded my valid ID to my online reservation. I also agree to have uploaded IDs of all other adults (18 and over) and listed names and birthdates for any children in my party.

ComplianceEnter Initials

I hereby acknowledge the Citizen Potawatomi Nation requires compliance with Title I of the Adam Walsh Act, the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

Restrooms and Access Card DepositEnter Initials

I hereby understand that the park’s restroom facilities are secured at all times and can only be opened using an access card obtained from the Citizen Potawatomi Tribal Police Department. I also understand that only after access has been requested during registration and the required $25 deposit has been paid will an access card be granted. The $25 deposit will be refunded when the card is returned to the Citizen Potawatomi Tribal PD located on the south side of Firelake Discount Foods, next to the water tower.

No Long-term Parking/CampingEnter Initials

I hereby understand and accept that my reservation ends after 5 days and acknowledge that the Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s Festival Grounds, its RV parking areas, and tent camping sites are not open to long-term parking/camping.

Check-In & Check-OutEnter Initials

I hereby understand and accept that I may begin parking my RV at 12:00 p.m. on {{reservation.DateArrival | date : 'MMMM d,yyyy'}}, and I am required to be checked-out by 5:00 p.m. on {{reservation.DateDeparture | date : 'MMMM d,yyyy'}}.

Other AcknowledgmentsEnter Initials

I hereby understand and agree to the following rules:

  • No alcohol, illicit drugs, or marijuana on the premises.
  • No firearms on the premises.
  • No open fires (campfires, grills, etc.) on the premises.
  • Guests are limited to use of a parking/camping space and its hook-ups.
  • No parking in undesignated areas or next to the creek.
  • No fishing or swimming in the creek or geothermal pond unless it is a scheduled part of a festival or event.
  • Swimming pool and splashpad are NOT open to the public unless it is a scheduled part of a festival or event.
  • All pets must be supervised and secured on a leash outside of vehicles.
  • No pets in the park’s restroom facilities.
  • No pets inside the park’s tribal dance arena.
  • Pet waste clean-up is required.
  • Concerns or problems should be directed to CPN Tribal Police at 405-878-4818.
  • Further questions should be directed to CPN Administration at 405-275-3121.

I have read, understand, and accept the terms and conditions listed above.

* Please list every person in your party, including minor children. IDs must be presented for every person over the age of 18.
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* Please list any pets you may be bringing.
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Rates and Exceptions

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  • {{event.RvFee | currency}} for event
  • Limited to one spot per person
  • Limited to tribal members only

* Your selected space may be subject to change for this event.


* These rates only apply to general days. Events and festivals may have special rating due to demand. Before and after events registrations are closed due to cleanup and teardown from the event.


  • $20/day per spot
  • 5 days maximum stay
  • NO Reunion Hall access
  • Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Members get 3 nights free per month

RV Groups

  • RV spots plus access to 1 Reunion Hall
  • 10 or more RV's - $30 a day per RV
  • 9 RV's - $35/day per RV
  • 8 RV's - $40/day per RV
  • 7 RV's - $45/day per RV
  • 6 RV's - $50/day per RV
  • 5 RV's - $55/day per RV
  • 4 RV's - $65/day per RV
  • 3 RV's - $85/day per RV
  • 2 RV's - $125/day per RV


  • $10/day per spot
  • 5 days maximum stay
  • NO Reunion Hall access
  • Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Members get 3 nights free per month

North & South Reunion Hall

  • Regular Rate - $250 per Reunion Hall
  • Citizen Potawatomi Nation Tribal Members - $150/day per Reunion Hall
  • Citizen Potawatomi Nation Employees - $150/day per Reunion Hall


Select all spots you want to reserve. Your selections will be highlighted in blue, and red spots have already been booked. Certain events, such as Family Reunion, restrict reservations to one lot per person.

* Please list all additional vehicle(s) that will be at this spot.
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